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TargetCPU NameGenerationCPU GHzCores per SocketTotal CoresSockets per SystemTotal SpecInt_RateSpecInt_Rate Per CoreMSRP per Socket$ per SPECint_rate
N/AIntel Xeon E5502Nehalem EP1.862427218$0
N/AIntel Xeon E5503Nehalem EP2.002427919.75$0
N/AIntel Xeon E5504Nehalem EP2.0048213617$0
N/AIntel Xeon E5506Nehalem EP2.1348214418$0
N/AIntel Xeon E5507Nehalem EP2.2648215319.13$0
N/AIntel Xeon E5520Nehalem EP2.2648220025$0
N/AIntel Xeon E5530Nehalem EP2.4048220826$0
N/AIntel Xeon E5540Nehalem EP2.5348221526.88$0
N/AIntel Xeon L5506Nehalem EP2.1348214217.75$0
N/AIntel Xeon L5520Nehalem EP2.2648220125.13$0
N/AIntel Xeon L5530Nehalem EP2.4048220826$0
N/AIntel Xeon W5580Nehalem EP3.2048225531.88$0
N/AIntel Xeon W5590Nehalem EP3.3348226533.13$0
N/AIntel Xeon X5550Nehalem EP2.6648224030$0
N/AIntel Xeon X5560Nehalem EP2.8048225632$0
N/AIntel Xeon X5570Nehalem EP2.9348225531.88$0
N/AIntel Xeon E6510Nehalem EX1.7348215419.25$0
N/AIntel Xeon E6540Nehalem EX2.00612226922.42$0
N/AIntel Xeon E7520Nehalem EX1.8748216821$0
N/AIntel Xeon E7520 (Quad Socket)Nehalem EX1.87416434021.25$0
N/AIntel Xeon E7530Nehalem EX1.87612224920.75$0
N/AIntel Xeon E7530 (Quad Socket)Nehalem EX1.87624549620.67$0
N/AIntel Xeon E7540Nehalem EX2.00612227022.5$0
N/AIntel Xeon E7540 (Quad Socket)Nehalem EX2.00624454822.83$0
N/AIntel Xeon L7545Nehalem EX1.87612225521.25$0
N/AIntel Xeon L7545 (Quad Socket)Nehalem EX1.87624453122.13$0
N/AIntel Xeon L7555Nehalem EX1.87816233320.81$0
N/AIntel Xeon L7555 (Quad Socket)Nehalem EX1.87832467621.13$0
N/AIntel Xeon X6550Nehalem EX2.00816234321.44$0
N/AIntel Xeon X7542Nehalem EX2.67612227222.67$0
N/AIntel Xeon X7542 (Quad Socket)Nehalem EX2.67624457223.83$0
N/AIntel Xeon X7550Nehalem EX2.00816235522.19$0
N/AIntel Xeon X7550 (Quad Socket)Nehalem EX2.00832470922.16$0
N/AIntel Xeon X7560Nehalem EX2.27816239724.81$0
N/AIntel Xeon X7560 (Quad Socket)Nehalem EX2.27832479624.88$0
N/AIntel Xeon X5675Westmere EP3.06612238632.17$0
N/AIntel Xeon E7-4830Westmere EX2.13816239224.5$0
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2650Sandy Bridge EP2.00816254233.88$11124.1
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2403 v2Ivy Bridge1.8048218523.13$1922.08
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2407 v2Ivy Bridge2.4048223929.88$2502.09
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2420 v2Ivy Bridge2.20612243636.33$16117.39
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2430 v2Ivy Bridge2.50612247839.83$5512.31
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2430L v2Ivy Bridge2.40612245137.58$6122.71
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2440 v2Ivy Bridge1.90816251031.88$8323.26
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2450 v2Ivy Bridge2.50816262939.31$11073.52
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2450L v2Ivy Bridge1.701020254927.45$12194.44
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2470 v2Ivy Bridge2.401020273036.5$14403.95
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2603 v2Ivy Bridge1.8048218623.25$2022.17
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2609 v2Ivy Bridge2.5048224931.13$2992.4
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2620 v2Ivy Bridge2.10612243035.83$4101.91
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2630 v2Ivy Bridge2.60612250341.92$6162.45
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2630L v2Ivy Bridge2.40612246138.42$6122.66
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2637 v2Ivy Bridge3.5048242953.63$9964.64
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2640 v2Ivy Bridge2.00816254233.88$8893.28
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2643 v2Ivy Bridge3.50612263653$15524.88
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2650 v2Ivy Bridge2.60816268342.69$11713.43
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2650L v2Ivy Bridge1.701020256428.2$12194.32
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2660 v2Ivy Bridge2.201020274437.2$13933.74
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2667 v2Ivy Bridge3.30816280450.25$20575.12
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2670 v2Ivy Bridge2.501020281040.5$15563.84
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2680 v2Ivy Bridge2.801020285142.55$17274.06
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2690 v2Ivy Bridge3.001020289544.75$20614.61
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2695 v2Ivy Bridge2.401224291538.13$23405.11
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2697 v2Ivy Bridge2.701224296640.25$26185.42
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2609 v3Haswell1.90612232026.67$0
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2630L v3Haswell1.80816258136.31$0
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2640 v3Haswell2.60816273045.63$0
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2650 v3Haswell2.301020285042.5$0
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2650L v3Haswell1.801224283534.79$0
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2660 v3Haswell2.601020289944.95$0
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2667 v3Haswell3.20816284052.5$0
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2670 v3Haswell2.3012242100341.79$0
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2680 v3Haswell2.5012242105343.88$0
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2683 v3Haswell2.0014282108538.75$0
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2685 v3Haswell2.601224288937.04$0
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2687W v3Haswell3.101020298649.3$0
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2690 v3Haswell2.6012242108645.25$0
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2695 v3Haswell2.3014282111639.86$0
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2697 v3Haswell2.6014282122643.79$0
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2698 v3Haswell2.3016322123638.63$0
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2699 v3Haswell2.4018362137238.11$0
N/AIntel Xeon E7-8880 v3 (Quad Socket)Haswell2.3018724270037.5$58954.37
N/AIntel Xeon E7-8880 v3 (Octo Socket)Haswell2.30181448539037.43$58952.19
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2603 v4Broadwell1.70612232627.17$0
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2609 v4Broadwell1.70816243327.06$0
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2620 v4Broadwell2.10816266641.63$0
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2623 v4Broadwell2.6048239549.38$0
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2630 v4Broadwell2.201020284142.05$0
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2630L v4Broadwell1.801020273036.5$0
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2637 v4Broadwell3.5048250062.5$0
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2640 v4Broadwell2.401020288844.4$0
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2643 v4Broadwell3.40612273160.92$0
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2650 v4Broadwell2.2012242103042.92$0
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2650L v4Broadwell1.701428296934.61$0
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2660 v4Broadwell2.008162114271.38$0
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2667 v4Broadwell3.20816292858$0
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2680 v4Broadwell2.4014282128145.75$0
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2683 v4Broadwell2.1016322133541.72$0
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2687W v4Broadwell3.0012242122250.92$0
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2689 v4Broadwell3.1010202110055$0
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2690 v4Broadwell2.6014282135548.39$0
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2695 v4Broadwell2.1018362143339.81$0
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2697 v4Broadwell2.3018362152742.42$0
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2697A v4Broadwell2.6016322147846.19$0
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2698 v4Broadwell2.2020402159539.88$0
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2699 v4Broadwell2.2022442175439.86$0
N/AIntel Xeon E5-2699A v4Broadwell2.4022442188042.73$0
N/AIntel Xeon E7-8880 v4 (Quad Socket)Broadwell2.2022884340038.64$58953.47
N/AIntel Xeon E7-8880 v4 (Octo Socket)Broadwell2.20221768340019.32$58953.47
N/AIntel Xeon Bronze 3106Skylake1.70816242526.56$3161.49
N/AIntel Xeon Gold 5115Skylake2.4010202100050$12212.44
N/AIntel Xeon Gold 5118Skylake2.3012242119249.67$12732.14
N/AIntel Xeon Gold 5120Skylake2.2014282132847.43$15612.35
N/AIntel Xeon Gold 5122Skylake3.6048255769.63$12274.41
N/AIntel Xeon Gold 6126Skylake2.6012242136656.92$17762.6
N/AIntel Xeon Gold 6126FSkylake2.6012242133055.42$19312.9
N/AIntel Xeon Gold 6128Skylake3.40612285671.33$16973.96
N/AIntel Xeon Gold 6130Skylake2.1016322158649.56$19002.4
N/AIntel Xeon Gold 6132Skylake2.6014282158056.43$21112.67
N/AIntel Xeon Gold 6134Skylake3.208162106566.56$22204.17
N/AIntel Xeon Gold 6136Skylake3.0012242150662.75$24603.27
N/AIntel Xeon Gold 6138Skylake2.0020402184046$26182.85
N/AIntel Xeon Gold 6138FSkylake2.0020402184046$27673.01
N/AIntel Xeon Gold 6140Skylake2.3018362183350.92$24512.67
N/AIntel Xeon Gold 6142Skylake2.6018362174248.39$29523.39
N/AIntel Xeon Gold 6144Skylake3.508162110068.75$29255.32
N/AIntel Xeon Gold 6146Skylake3.2012242154064.17$32864.27
N/AIntel Xeon Gold 6148Skylake2.4020402196549.13$30783.13
N/AIntel Xeon Gold 6148FSkylake2.4020402199049.75$32273.24
N/AIntel Xeon Gold 6150Skylake2.7018362196254.5$33583.42
N/AIntel Xeon Gold 6152Skylake2.1022442204346.43$36613.58
N/AIntel Xeon Gold 6154Skylake3.0018362219060.83$35433.24
N/AIntel Xeon Platinum 8153Skylake2.0016322139543.59$31154.47
N/AIntel Xeon Platinum 8156Skylake3.6048253767.13$700726.1
N/AIntel Xeon Platinum 8158Skylake3.0012242158065.83$70078.87
N/AIntel Xeon Platinum 8160Skylake2.1024482214044.58$47084.4
N/AIntel Xeon Platinum 8160FSkylake2.1024482218045.42$48564.46
N/AIntel Xeon Platinum 8164Skylake2.0026522230044.23$61205.32
N/AIntel Xeon Platinum 8168Skylake2.7024482248551.77$58904.74
N/AIntel Xeon Platinum 8170Skylake2.1026522235345.25$74116.3
N/AIntel Xeon Platinum 8176Skylake2.1028562241643.14$87197.22
N/AIntel Xeon Platinum 8180Skylake2.5028562286151.09$100157
N/AIntel Xeon Silver 4108Skylake1.80816266241.38$4271.29
N/AIntel Xeon Silver 4109TSkylake2.00816266941.81$5011.5
N/AIntel Xeon Silver 4110Skylake2.10816271144.44$5111.44
N/AIntel Xeon Silver 4112Skylake2.6048242653.25$4832.27
N/AIntel Xeon Silver 4114Skylake2.201020292246.1$7041.53
N/AIntel Xeon Silver 4116Skylake2.1012242107844.92$10121.88

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