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An assistant to help you compare CPU's and develop a more informed future state environment


Source CPU
Destination CPU
# of physical CPU sockets from Source
# of virtual CPU cores from Source
# of physical CPU sockets at Destination
  1. Select the source CPU (the systems you are migrating from (the old system))
  2. Select the desired destination CPU (the new system)
  3. (Optional) Input the total number of physical CPUs in the source environment (physical CPU == # of sockets)
  4. (Optional) Input the total number of virtual CPU cores in the source environment (only if source environment is virtualized)
  5. (Optional) Input the total number of desired physical CPUs in the new destination environment (physical CPU == # of sockets)
  6. Hit Submit

Extra info:
Intel CPU Spec Sheets:

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Recent Changelog:
Added ability to show all CPUs
Added Intel's MSRP and price per specint_rate for Skylakes

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