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The Nutanix portfolio has moved beyond just hyperconverance. You may call that our "phase 1" or the foundation of our overall vision. Nutanix now has products like Era, for database management or Flow for networking security and automation. If you are just getting started with Nutanix you may not know about these other products and capabilities, so check out the three separate videos below for a high level introduction to each of our products and how they can help your organization.

The videos are broken in to three sections: Nutanix Core, Nutanix Essentials, and Nutanix Enterprise. Core is where most customer's start, it is comprised of the Nutanix hyperconverged software - Acropolis, the management interface - Prism, and Nutanix's hypervisor - AHV. Essentials is software that further expands the capabilities of your Nutanix environment with tools like Nutanix Files for CIFS and NFS shares, or Nutanix Calm for an easy yet powerful automation and orchestration engine. Bringing the portfolio around to home base is the Enterprise portion, which expands the Nutanix footprint out of on-premise infrastructure and in to public cloud providers with tools like Xi Leap for DR-as-a-Service, Nutanix Frame for Desktops-as-a-Service, and Nutanix Clusters for literal Nutanix clusters you can deploy in public cloud providers such as AWS and Azure.

Nutanix Core
Nutanix's Core product portfolio includes Acropolis, AHV, and Prism.

For more information on these products, check out my Prism Technical Demo or if you are a VMware shop today, see how easy it is to live convert from ESXi to AHV.

Nutanix Essentials
Nutanix Essentials product portfolio includes Files, Volumes, Flow, Calm, and Mine.

I have several videos on Nutanix Flow covering many different aspects and functionality.

Nutanix Enterprise
Nutanix's Enterprise product portfolio includes Beam, Clusters, Move, Era, Frame, Karbon, Xi Leap, Objects, X-Ray, and Xi IoT.

These videos are meant to be an introduction to the Nutanix Product suite. I would encourage you to research specific products that interest you more for your specific use case, or reach out to your Nutanix account team for hands on demo's, product trials, and more.

*disclaimer* This document and presentation is my own and does not represent anything from any other entity. I will not be held liable for anything bad that comes of it.

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Posted: April 9rd, 2020 9:24am
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