How to Live Convert a Nutanix Cluster from ESXi to AHV (video)

In the previous two videos we installed ESXi and configured our vCenter server to work with Nutanix. But what if you started your Nutanix journey by running the VMware ESXi hypervisor but have decide to switch over to Nutanix AHV? AHV can allow you to take advantage of cost savings, reduce administrator overhead, and more. We take a dive in to live migrating an existing cluster, with its running VMs, over to AHV even though it is current running on VMware ESXi. The process takes about two hours but all the steps are shown in this video.

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Written by Eric Wamsley
Posted: March 19th, 2020 6:24pm
Topic: Nutanix
Tags: Nutanix, Acropolis, vSphere, vCenter,

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