Nutanix Prism 5.1 Technical Demo (video)

Prism is Nutanix's HTML5 all-encompassing interface that allows for complete management of the "enterprise cloud". Through Prism, Nutanix allows administrators (and even end-users) to easily manage operations such as hardware, firmware, software updates, storage, networking, backups, replication, virtual machines, self-service portal, and MUCH more.

In this recording I go over the basic day-to-day operations that administrators would normally go through using Prism. We are using Nutanix's AHV hypervisor, but Prism also works the same when using Hyper-V, ESXi, and XenServer.

*disclaimer* This document and presentation is my own and does not represent anything from any other entity. I will not be held liable for anything bad that comes of it.

Written by Eric Wamsley
Posted: July 27, 2017 12:39 PM
Topic: Nutanix Prism
Tags: Nutanix, Prism, Acropolis, AHV, management, operations,

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