How to use Nutanix Time Stream with Acropolis 5.5 (video)

Ever find yourself asking What is Nutanix Time Stream? Or What are Nutanix Local Snapshots? Wonder no more! (hint they are the same thing).

We will go over the Nutanix Time Stream aka Local Snapshots features in this video, including what is Time Stream, how Time Stream works, and how to deploy Nutanix Time Stream. Time Stream allows you to quickly restore a VM when it experiences a failure inside the guest VM by performing automated snapshots that are stored on the local cluster.

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Written by Eric Wamsley
Posted: Feb 15, 2018 10:44 AM
Topic: Nutanix Prism, Time Stream
Tags: Nutanix, Prism, Acropolis, AHV, management, DR,

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