Nutanix VirtIO Drivers and Prism Central 5.5 Image Management (video)

This video shows how to download the official Nutanix VirtIO Drivers which are used for installing the virtual machine drivers when running Nutanix AHV as your hypervisor. The ISO image of the Virt IO drivers are useful when performing the installation of Windows guest operating systems on Nutanix.

We will also go over a new feature in Prism Central 5.5, centralized image management. This video shows how to upload an ISO image to Prism Central 5.5 which will then make the ISO image available to all clusters registered to Prism Central that are running AOS 5.5 or newer.

*disclaimer* This document and presentation is my own and does not represent anything from any other entity. I will not be held liable for anything bad that comes of it.

Written by Eric Wamsley
Posted: Feb 8, 2018 8:32 AM
Topic: Nutanix Prism, VirtIO Drivers
Tags: Nutanix, Prism, Acropolis, AHV, management, operations,

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