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If you plan on reading the previous book, The Omen Machine, please do not read this review until you do so.

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Genre: Epic Fantasy
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Those stories that start with the characters just on the cusp of death seem to grab you in the quickest, or I am just a sick bastard. Terry Goodkind's The Third Kingdom continues just after his previous book, The Omen Machine, where Richard was able to defeat and escape from the evil Hedge Maid, Jit, but barely and not unscathed.

Richard, the Lord Rahl and leader of the D'Haran Empire, has found himself in the distant and mysterious kingdom known as the Dark Lands. His friends and followers had come to rescue him and his wife Kahlan Amnell, the Mother Confessor, but something is wrong. Richard wakes from an injury induced coma just as two dangerous fellows decide to eat him and sell his wife. In his weakened state there is little he can do but be dragged by his boots because his soldiers, and friends, are scattered and dead all around.

Just before the Lord Rahl becomes a tasty meal for these two, he is able to summon enough strength to dodge a vicious bite! In the next instant a group of good Samaritan farmers rush out of the woods and save Richard with pitch forks and rocks. The people from Stroyza, a word we have heard before, take Richard and Kahlan back to the safety of their cave city.

Once in Stroyza, Richard meets Sammie, a young sorceress whose parents are missing and presumed dead. Sammie is able to heal Richard and Kahlan, but not fully because there is a taint left in them from the Hedge Maid Jit. Sammie introduces Richard to Stroyza, the Dark Lands, and the many missing people from their village. Richard, being the Lord Rahl, and the magic against magic is appalled and wants to help, but that is secondary to his struggles with how to help Kahlan, as she is in a coma from her wounds that Sammie cannot heal.

Their period of rest and healing is cut short, with the panicked screams of other villagers. Richard, and the village, must face those from The Third Kingdom, and find a way to save himself, Stroyza, Sammie's family, his friends, and all of the New World.

Again, Terry Goodkind has continued his formula and exciting storyline of Richard Rahl. This particular novel does not want to be put down. There was several times where I read a paragraph and then got confused because I could have sworn I already read it, so I looked back to the one before and saw that he basically repeated himself, sometimes several times. It occurs a couple of times but it was still distracting.

The characters are true to their nature and he introduces several new characters from both sides of the veil. Terry Goodkind follows through with several concepts and storylines that were either briefly touched or main points from prior books. He even refers back to and expands on story from millennia past.

If you are new to Terry Goodkind pick up the first book in The Sword of Truth series, Wizard's First Rule, and get ready to be hooked. Or if you just want to dabble a bit in to the Fantasy genre, The Third Kingdom is technically standalone as Terry Goodkind does a good job of referring back to past events and filling in the reader almost as if the book you are reading is the only one he has published.

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Written by Eric Wamsley
Posted: October 11th, 2015.
Topic: Terry Goodkind, The Sword of Truth
Tags: Epic Fantasy, The Sword of Truth

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