Nutanix Flow Security Policies Across Clusters (video)

With Nutanix Flow enabled you configure fully distributed firewalls across every cluster which it is enabled. Once you tag a VM with a Category, Nutanix Flow automatically applies security policies to that VM. If the VM changes IP addresses, move across hosts, moves to different clusters, or even across different data centers it still works! Flow automatically updates firewall rules because they are all based on Categories. This video demonstrates the Pharo Application Security Policy we created in a previous video working across 2 clusters with zero modification.

Flow does have to be enabled, please follow the steps in this other video on how to enable it.

Flow relies on categories to tag your VMs and associate security policies with categories, review my video on Nutanix Categories here to get started.

The Pharo App Security Policy was created in this previous video: follow this video to create application security policies.

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Written by Eric Wamsley
Posted: December 13th, 2019 7:42pm
Topic: Nutanix Flow
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