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Day 2 - Tuesday June 22, 2010
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Day 4 - Thursday June 24, 2010

Overall thoughts

HP Tech 2010 was a nice break from work, most of the time. Not to mention my first time in Vegas it was a great way to go out West. Unfortunately, my final thoughts on the conference seem to mirror those of many other attendees. The first being, there was just not that much there. The economy might be "tough" but when you are in fabulous Las Vegas, shouldn't you try to showboat a little? There was no pizzaz, no spunk, nothing eye catching, nothing with the wow factor, it was just OK. Another big problem was organization; my first day no one knew where my session was. Other days sessions opened late, or the speaker would show up late and give their excuse as they couldn't find the place, rooms where not labeled well. the list goes on. The last point is, at least 75% of the attendees were very technical people for the most part. Yet, the norms for the sessions and keynotes was salesmen and manager speak. People would get up and leave events because within 30 seconds you could tell if the speaker was tech savy, or just sent from the sales department. Rather disappointing. I learned more from discussions with other attendees than I did from the sessions.
And that really was the high point of the event, and I supposed of most events like this: meeting other people from around the world and sharing your knowledge with each other.

I met a group of sys admins from a hospital center in Kansas and discussed how they provide security yet ease of use to optimize time and accuracy for doctors and nurses. Another two fellows from (I think) Switzerland that explained how they manage over 4 Petabytes of SAN storage for their company. Several folks from the special interest groups also put my mind at ease, as I thought most of the problems I had managing my datacenter were just me, but infact tons of people were in the same boat. Somewhat comforting but still frustrating and in some sense, sad.

Seeing some of the newer technologies up close and personal before buying it was nice. Also hearing first hand the roadmaps of the infrastructure products. Overall I feel the entire experience was positive and I would go again if it was paid for by another party. Next time though I would go with a little lower expectations and maybe then I'd be blown away.

Written by Eric Wamsley
Posted: September 5th, 2010 4:20pm
Topic: Conferences
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